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Don Nieman

Don Nieman Photography

East Aurora, NY


Don says that, for him, it is the thrill of being in the place to see and take the photograph that he enjoys. Photography is actually exciting for Don and he wants to see more, improve technique, and contribute more to those interested in viewing his work. He does not consider himself an artist, he considers himself someone learning to become a good photographer. For Don, a good photographer is one who when he sees the scene can effectively capture and reproduce the essence and feeling in that scene. It involves perfecting a combination of sensitivity, vision and technical expertise.

Since he picked up his first digital camera he has published a photographic essay, has covered international sporting events and local community events for a local news site and his work for television graphics is currently seen on stations broadcasting across New York. He had a successful solo gallery showing and currently selected pieces of his work are on display at Buffalo Big Prints Gallery in Buffalo, NY. He is now working with selected local design firms in Buffalo, NY on a freelance basis.

He sincerely hopes you enjoy his work.


Connolly Trees by Don Nieman


Winter Sky Reflection by Don Nieman


Bench On A Winter Hill by Don Nieman


Winter Treeline by Don Nieman


Gold Dome At Night by Don Nieman


Night At Elevator Alley by Don Nieman


Syracuse Horse by Don Nieman


Buffalo From The Breakwall by Don Nieman


Albany Without Rush Hour by Don Nieman


M and T Bank At Night by Don Nieman


Albany On The Hudson by Don Nieman


Waterfront Lights by Don Nieman


North Side Of East End Of Main Street by Don Nieman


Electric Liberty by Don Nieman


First Presbyterian From Kleinhans by Don Nieman


Downtown Sunrise Shadows by Don Nieman


Two Adirondacks by Don Nieman


From The Breakwall by Don Nieman


Peace Bridge From Nowak Pier by Don Nieman


Botanical Botanical Gardens by Don Nieman


Spring-time Chair by Don Nieman


Pre-game by Don Nieman


Botanical Gardens Hot House by Don Nieman


Sunset Seats by Don Nieman


General Mills by Don Nieman


Soap Vat Holes by Don Nieman


Getting Ready by Don Nieman


Hayes Hall UB by Don Nieman


8th Floor Warehouse Door by Don Nieman


Larkin Corner by Don Nieman


Sailing Out The Niagara by Don Nieman


Sailing Out The Niagara by Don Nieman